Location of radiators

You have chosen to install radiators in your home and you are wondering about their location. The choice of the location of radiators, whether hydraulic or electric, is indeed not insignificant: the positioning of your radiators has an impact on your comfort. It is important to choose a location that optimizes the heat distribution, which maximizes your thermal comfort, without disturbing the displacements.

Which radiators and how many radiators?

To determine the ideal model and number of radiators for your home, consider the surface of the room to be heated, the power of the radiators, the insulation of your home, your lifestyle, etc.

There is no ready answer to this type of need and it is preferable to call a professional who will be able to advise you in the choice of the model of radiator which will have the good performances, as well as the number of radiators necessary.

The right location of radiators:

General rules :

For a good thermal comfort, it is important to choose the location of its radiators with care.

To avoid cold sensations and cold wall effect, it is generally recommended to install radiators in sensitive areas, ie walls facing outdoors and close to windows, see under windows if possible. On the other hand, in a very well insulated housing, you have the option of installing your radiators on the interior walls.

Also, it is not recommended to install radiators in areas of draft, as this may affect the operation of the thermostat.

To promote the diffusion of heat, it is important to release the space around the radiator. Therefore, a minimum spacing of 10 to 15 centimeters between the floor and the radiator must be respected and, as you are probably aware, avoid installing furniture and curtains in front of and near radiators. It is advisable to leave a space of 15 centimeters on the sides and 50 centimeters above your radiators.

To each room, its location:

Or install its radiators in each room

The location of a radiator also depends on the room in which it is installed.

– In the living room, it is advisable to have two radiators a little less powerful (rather than a very powerful one), one opposite the other to facilitate the homogeneous diffusion of heat.

– In the night rooms, it is recommended to move the radiator as far as possible from the bed so as not to disturb sleep.

– In the bathroom, it is better to choose a heated towel radiator, and to keep it away from the water points for safety reasons.

– In a corridor, it is recommended to arrange the radiator where the passage is the widest not to hinder the displacements.
To determine the ideal location of its radiators, it is necessary to consider the aspect of the thermal comfort but also the aesthetic aspect, since they integrate to your interior. Anyway, it is recommended to follow the advice of a professional, who will accompany you in the choice of your radiators and their location.

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