Savings with the softener

E limestone is the number one enemy of household appliances like the washing machine, boiler or water heater. A tiny millimeter of deposit on their walls and the consumption of energy makes a leap of nearly 10%! This is what happens frequently, strongly impacting the monthly bill.

Setting up a water softener will save money. To convince you, you can use an online simulation tool from Talassa. Accurate coverage of all your monthly expenses allows you to fully appreciate the amount of your savings with the softener. They are considerable!

1. Operation of the softener
2. Advantages of the softener

Operation of the softener
Its primary function is to purify water from limestone which makes it aggressive. The harmful effects are not only seen on the devices but also on your skin! The softener is in the form of a reservoir. It contains polystyrene resin, loaded with sodium. Sodium ions are captured and exchanged for calcium and magnesium ions, which generate scale. Thus, the limestone water is filtered and softened by the softener. It must be installed at the water supply point of the housing.

The appliance is programmed according to the volume of water to be managed. It operates in two phases: service and regeneration. Indeed, when the softener is saturated, it must be “cleaned”. Its “dirty” water is sent to the sewers. An annual maintenance is imperative to ensure a perfect efficiency.

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The advantages of the softener

By stopping the scaling of the boilers, the device thus makes it possible to realize savings, avoiding an overconsumption of energy. It also offers other advantages on a daily basis.

– It allows the water to heat more quickly

– The water softener also dramatically extends the service life of all household appliances running with hot water. Your coffee machine, your washing machine, your sanitary water tank … will be functional much longer. They will also require less maintenance and maintenance. Your investments are thus really profitable.

– It reduces costs in household products. The calculations on Talassa make it possible to realize how interesting the softener is. The savings taken into account are more than 50%. The limestone decreases the effectiveness of the products.

– It also reduces dermatological costs in hygiene products. It is useless to obtain shower gels, soaps surgras, special shampoos, intended to counter the aggressive effects of the limestone water on the skin or the hair.

– It also saves time: trying to descale the dirty bathroom is a very time-consuming activity, in addition to being unpleasant.


Some disadvantages are however to be taken into consideration. Softened water is slightly more salty, which may not be suitable for pregnant women, babies, or people on a low sodium diet. Also, if the softener is not properly There is a risk of bacterial proliferation.

In conclusion, a water softener will be installed in areas that offer very hard water to protect the installation, save money, improve comfort and ensure that it is maintained regularly.

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